Assessment of aerospace opportunities

We immediately need tools so that we could manage Earth's climate, ecology & biodiversity. Cosmos is obvious answer. Long-term sustainable development of civilization will be secured by providing resources and energy from cosmos, where they are nearly limitless.

Site is active study related to sustainable aerospace technologies, launch capabilities, prospects opportunities.

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About Victor Production .com

Who we are

Love & passion for rocket science, propulsion, energy generation, ecology, biodiversity, physics, efficiency and speed is driving us.

Continuous learning combined with our interests are creating various aerospace related solutions & technologies.

Our Skills

Mechanical engineering


Research & Marketing


Electrical engineering


Projects - pactical studies

Projects related to aerospace technologies & propulsion.

Aerospace engineering news

What is new in: human space flight, rocket technology, engineering, flight action, space industry, aerospace engineering, rocket science, rocket engineering and related topics.


Buy aerospace motivated products

From time to time our workshop create some aerospace motivated products so that home have some cosmic touch.

Space pendant

Modern LED chandelier: lightsaber & rocket model, GUARANTEE 3 YEARS.

Hovering table

Shaping marble, steel and glass creating beautiful piece of furniture can be challenging

Hovering bed

In an addition to standard this bed can also be suspended like swing and lifted to the ceiling