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Improving combustion by detonation, plasma ignition and microwave, waste heat and presure utilization, accumulation of solar power in a form of H2 & O2 like fuel additive and computer actuation of subsystems for raising efficiency.

Most of improvements can be used in detonation, jet, piston and rotary engines.

  • Better combustion by detonation, plasma ignition and microwave
  • Computer actuation of subsystems
  • Utilizing waste heat and presure
  • Accumulation of solar power in a form of H2 & O2


Plasma ignition




Prof.Dr. Miroljub Tomic, Department of Internal Combustion Engines (ICED), Faculty of Mechanical engineering


MR Group - Engine Rebuilding Center


TopSpider - production of products made from rubber


Turbo Servis - service and sales of turbochargers


Polymers Group - supplier of polycarbonate & acrylic

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