Vesmir - Hybrid launch system for reusable & other space rockets near urban environments

Project Info

Bullet exiting barrel, scaled on mountain and space rocket, we get launch system that is efficient and ecological. Raising payload mass, saving 50 t of starting fuel per launch, with 2.5 G of acceleration & start velocity of 0.99 M, by starting engines at 6500 m of elevation and 200 km/h. Being sustainable, quietest, ecological & economical launch system, with secure flight trajectory it could be safely built near highly densely populated areas, like high frequency modern airport at an altitude exceeding 2000 m. It will be designed to be compatible with today’s space launch rockets, like SpaceX - Falcon 9, Vega, Angara, Delta and possibly others with propulsion supporting balancing platform technology that is in a process of IP protection study. Location of the launcher in the center of the Europe’s Balkan Peninsula is being considered, while parts of the technology are being tested in the form of a ballistic parachute of the modular aircraft SvetoLet. Project is accelerating with support of

  • Quietest, ecological & economical launch system
  • Safe launch trajectory for highly densely populated areas
  • Compatible with SpaceX - Falcon 9, Vega, Angara, Delta and posibly other rockets
  • High launch frequency


Shaft system

Horizontal shaft system

Vertical shaft system

Today's tunnel technology

Exiting rocket
H=2300 m, V=0.99 M

Buy aerospace motivated products

From time to time our workshop create some aerospace motivated products so that home have some cosmic touch.

Space pendant

Modern LED chandelier: lightsaber & rocket model, GUARANTEE 3 YEARS.

Hovering table

Shaping marble, steel and glass creating beautiful piece of furniture can be challenging

Flying bed

In an addition to standard this bed can also be suspended like swing and lifted to the ceiling